East Port Marina now carries one of the most versatile kayak brands available, NuCanoe. These kayaks were designed with customization in mind, so you never have to compromise in your vision for your outdoor experience. NuCanoe offers a unique combination of a track system and swivel seating to allow seat placement anywhere along the length of the kayak as well as a 360 view. This system also allows you to make the kayak tandem simply by adding an additional seat. With multiple options for paddles, pedal systems, and motors, you can pick your preference of movement on the water. The NuCanoe kayak’s ease of movement that allows you to explore the most secluded spots, makes perfect for fishing and leisure, as well as hunting. The NuCanoe specializes in stability while also offering a spacious design which makes it ideal not just for hauling your equipment, but also that prize buck you’ve been searching for.  


It’s no secret that outdoor water sports are gaining popularity and one of the most tried and true ways to explore the water is kayaking. Whether you’re searching for that monster smallmouth, looking for an awesome new way to get your workout in, or anything in between, we have the thing for you.  With Vibe kayaks you can explore the water in style.  We also offer the vibe X-Drive Pedal system to make getting around on the water more convenient if you prefer to leave your hands open for fishing. These kayaks were designed with the perfect fishing experience in mind, but they are not limited by that. With multiple size options and price points, our Vibe kayaks can provide hours of leisure for just about anyone. 



If you are interested in getting into one of the fastest growing leisure activities, stand up paddle boarding, it has never been easier to start and East Port Marina can help get you going today! We carry top-of-the-line, BŌTE stand-up paddle boards. With so many different options we will help you find the right board for your specific needs. We have models suited for fishing, exploration, and even travel. With our inflatable models you can pack up your board and take it anywhere, even check it on airplanes! Not only are these paddle boards designed with comfortability and ease of use in mind, but they also come in many color options so you can be sure to look your best on the water. Come see us to get started with your new favorite past time! 


High-End Paddles

If you love kayaking but are constantly cutting your adventure short, exhausted from turning your clunky, awkward paddle, then East Port Marina has the solution for you. With our elite selection of AquaBound and Bending Branches paddles you can go farther and explore more. We specialize in kayak fishing paddles and offer aluminum, carbon fiber, and fiberglass shaft materials, as well as multiple sizes and color options for your perfect fit.  Come see us today to experience the difference the right paddle can make in your journey.